Did Harlequin just invite us to eat her pussy?


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so as someone who worked on the show, I would like to speak about this short dialogue between Honey and Dandy. This above is fair to original japanese version (she says "ujimushi" = "worm"in japanese not ass, but it’s still sarcastic, funny and insulting) , but in the english Toonami dub, the script was changed.

Instead, in the english script, she says “asteroid belt” which is neither funny, insulting nor sarcastic, and it is totally misleading, because this dialogue was an important hint to Honey’s real character.

When she’s sarcastically calling him an ass, the story is trying to give small hints to the audience that this show is actually not set in a generic universe of stupid brainless boobies, and the female characters are not what they seem to be. Yes, we are in a bar called “BOOBIES”…..the girls are supposed to look generic and hot, but they are acting, getting paid for it, that’s not who they really are. The episode is supposed to be very fun and crazy, strange narrative, but with small important hints. 

I don’t understand why they would change the manner of the dialogue in the english Toonami version, making her character seem empty and generic, it makes you totally forget about her. 

Yes, the show is totally crazy, but that’s not all about it. We want to treat the characters well while having fun with all the action and madness!

I enjoyed both the english and japanese voice acting, good job guys!
And Toonami did a great job promoting the show outside Japan!
I really didn’t intend to insult anyone here, hope that didn’t come accross like that, I know it’s just a small edit,
but next time please be more careful with the original script, it can become misleading and it’s not what the director is intending to tell. Maybe you guys didn’t intend to cause this, so I apologize if it was just a translation mistake. I understand that it’s hard to translate certain japanese dialogues in english. So please don’t take it too serious, if I find out that I misunderstood the Toonami dub, I will clarify things, don’t worry.

Anyway, I hope you guys all enjoyed the first episode so far!
And thanks for all the feedback about my animation work on it.
Here are the cuts that I animated for everyone who’s been messaging me:


just had this little idea that Scout bandaged his hands because his Scars reminded him of his other father…spy..?… i dont know..

just a little head canon….


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Unknown creatures underground

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"No sir! Not gettin’ out of this chair."

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